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Sekou The Hunter


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Tom Mathew

Tom Mathew is the author of The Magic Rug, the most popular Christmas book on planet Earth. This is the first book in the Magic Rug series. The author lives and writes in New York City.

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There was a time, once, long ago, when man reeled when darkness set its foot on the land. He searched not for light, but for a way to walk through the night without being accompanied by the shadow. He looked to the stars in fear of the blackness beyond.

It is the year 123 CE. Caravans bring their silks and spices from the Far East to the luxury loving urban hordes of the Roman Empire. Elam, Media, Babylonia, Arabia, Assyria, Egypt, Armenia, Cappadocia and Sardis are thriving as silver and copper coins exchange hands for golden vases and silver ewers.